Established as a key educational hub to provide with quality and required education to the students of Bagnaha within Thakurbaba Municipality and form the neighboring districts such as Surkhet, Kailali  by the effort of educational leaders on 16th Sharwan 2056, Chure Higher Secondary School, Baghaha Bardiya became a mile stone to grant quality education to girls, squatters, poor, Dalit, Mukta Kamiya., Kamhalari who were deprived of higher education owing to various problems.

After the achievement of the +2 Degree. they couldn't peruse their education due to economical problems. As a result Chure Campus in affiliation with Tribhuvan University was set up in 2063 BS  as the second Community Campus in Bardiya District in the endeavour of educational personnels and leaders in order to provide with  quality and dynamic education to the needy pupils within its catchment area and out of its area.. This Campus has been serving three faculties (Humanity, Management and Education) in accordance with pupils requirements. Further, they have access to MBS and MEd. in Health, too. 


To formulate civilized and equitable society through quality education.


 To generate competent, skilled and decent manpower in order to compete  in the national and international level through quality and dynamic education.


  • They will be involved in researchable tasks by producing higher Level skilled, qualified and competent educational manpower.
  • The campus will be set up as an educational research center by developing physical and economical aspects of the campus and establishing as a poly-technic campus.
  • Equal opportunity will be guaranteed to all classes and communities pupils.   


  • The institution will be strengthened with economical and physical aspects in order to maintain educational quality.
  • Capable, skilled and qualified manpower will be produced maintaining higher educational standard.
  • Life-skill education along with efficiency of the passed out manpower on their streams will be granted so that they can adjust in all contexts of society.
  • The rate of drop-outs will be reduced focusing on extra-curricular activities and the employment of instructional materials for making teaching methods effective, sustainable and lively.
  • The campus will be developed and extended as a multiple and poly-technic campus.
  • Dalit, indigenous, handicapped, and backward classes students will be fascinated towards university education in order to follow the slogan "Education For All" .